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This is our collection of technical documentation related to Electronic Commerce, EDI, and XML technologies.  Since these documents come from many different sources, they are provided "AS IS" For Your Information Only, and are to be used at your own risk.  

If you have questions or comments about a specific paper, we suggest that you contact the paper's author or company.  

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Topic: E-Commerce/E-Business

Designing E-Business Solutions for Performance
By IBM   Format: Adobe Acrobat
*Note:   This paper is 118 pages;  please allow 1 - 5 minutes to download.
This paper should be read by software architects, designers, technical planners, etc. involved in the architecture, design, development and deployment of e-business solutions. While there is a focus on performance considerations of IBM hardware and software products and frameworks such as the IBM Application Framework for e-business, this paper also contains many application design topics that transcend specific products or technologies.

Topic: HIPAA

Getting Ready for HIPAA: An Impact Analysis  
By Extol Corp   Format: Adobe Acrobat
This report examines the impact that the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) will have on the electronic commerce initiatives of healthcare providers and payers (insurance companies and healthcare maintenance organizations) striving to comply with new IT 
requirements taking effect on October 16, 2002.

Topic: XML

AS/400 Business Data Goes Mobile
By IBM   Format: Adobe Acrobat
Explains applications of the IBM XML parser for Palm Pilot and Cellular technologies.
XML and E-Commerce Opportunities and Challenges
By Harbinger Corp   Format: Adobe Acrobat
Harbinger's strategy for implementing XML for their customers.
XML and EDI: Peaceful Co-Existence
By XML Solutions Corp   Format: Adobe Acrobat
Explains how XML and EDI can be used jointly to implement a successful e-commerce strategy.
XML and Extol
By Extol Corp   Format: Adobe Acrobat
Extol's strategy for implementing XML for their customers.  Illustrates the point that EDI=VAN and XML=Internet is a common misconception.
XML Representation of X12 EDI
By XML Solutions Corp   Format: Adobe Acrobat
Describes a method of representing EDI messages in XML.
XML: To Be or Not To Be
By Extol Corp   Format: Adobe Acrobat
Does XML imply the death of EDI? Will XML completely replace EDI? Is it safe to implement using EDI? Is it safe to implement using XML despite the lack of standards? What are the tradeoffs of using XML versus EDI? This paper traces the evolution of EDI and XML. It also provides a look at the pros and cons of each and offers alternatives to consider when evaluating electronic communication with trading partners.
AS/400 - Using the IBM XML Parser (XML4J)
By IBM   Format: Adobe Acrobat
An Introduction to the IBM XML parser on the AS/400.

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