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Global Data Integrators, Inc. - Distributor of TradeXpress in North America

Illicom, the leading European provider of integration solutions, selects Global Data as North American distributor.

Paris, France, (March 25, 2004) –

ILLICOM is proud to announce the addition of Global Data Integrators (GDI) in partnership as a distributor of TradeXpress in North America.  ILLICOM, publisher of the integration platform TradeXpress, and European leader of integration solutions for EDI, EAI, and B2B has more than 1250 installations in 20 countries.  This new partnership with GDI in North America is part of Illicom’s international development.

GDI has exceptional experience and is very competent in the fields of EDI integration and e-commerce.  TradeXpress is a unique solution for exchanges between EDI, EAI, and B2B and allows rapid deployment, better performance, and offers many evolutionary possibilities for EDI.  The combination of these two services of GDI and TradeXpress allows clients a quick and exceptional return on investment.

About Global Data Integrators, Inc.

Founded in 1995, GDI is a leader in the sale of EDI solutions and e-commerce for mid to large companies.  GDI is known for offering products of incomparable quality to help their clients increase revenues and decrease costs.  Their team specializes in fast integration projects and helps companies manage e-commerce with their customers and suppliers more efficiently.  The headquarters of GDI is located in Marietta, GA.  For more information on GDI:


ILLICOM is the European leader in the integration solution market for EDI, EAI, and B2B.  TradeXpress Enterprise is the solution that is flexible and robust in exchanges of all types; it helps enterprises in putting together projects for the management of e-commerce, and in the making their migration toward e-commerce.

TradeXpress is the first solution that gathers all information into one format:

·        EDI

·        EAI

·        ETL

·        B2B 

TradeXpress protects realized investments, considerably reduces maintenance costs, and centralizes different types of projects for the company.  Easily configured, this solution is effortless to deploy and use which allows a quick return on investment.

Founded in 1984, ILLICOM is based in Chatou, which is outside Paris.  Their distribution center covers Europe, the Far East, and has more than 1250 licenses in mid and large sized companies in different industries.  Many international companies trust TradeXpress:

Heineken, Ford, Mitsubishi, PPG, GE Capital, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, L’Oreal, Hewlett Packard, Panasonic, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Thomson, Bertelsman Music, France Telecom, and Telecom Australia.

For more information on ILLICOM, visit our website:


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