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Got EDI?  Internet Portal Launched

Got EDI Dot Com is published for World Wide Web availability, ushering in a new era on a tried and true technology.

June 15, 2000 -- Marietta GA (USA) based Global Data Integrators, Inc. has created a new web service allowing traditional EDI users the ability to exploit the open (and inexpensive) infrastructure of the Internet to send and receive standardized data to and from Trading Partners.  

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the ability to transact business documents in a published, standardized format.  This standardized technology has been around since the 1970s, growing in popularity as companies realized the need to replace manual paper systems with more efficient electronic ones.

The technology has its caveats, however.  While it is based on globally recognized standards (like ANSI X12 or UN EDIFACT) the document layouts are often manipulated by one or both trading partners to a customized format.  This makes it more difficult to add future trading partners.  Also, EDI traditionally requires dedicated communications with a third party "Value Added Network" or VAN.  These VANS act as post offices, forwarding EDI mail to the intended recipient.  This service, however, is not cheap.

"What started as a great idea has turned into an expensive proposition for many smaller companies." said company president James Kelly.  "What we intend for Got EDI? is to allow companies to use the standards of EDI technology over web protocols such as IP or FTP to give anyone with a browser and internet access EDI capability.  HTML, XML, mission critical B-to-B enabling, we can marry all of these technologies to EDI through the Got EDI? portal."

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