EDI Definitions



What is EDI?

EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, is the electronic communication of business transactions (or documents) between organizations in a published, standardized format.

Definition of Common EDI Terms

ANSI (American National Standards Institute) - A  body that coordinates and provides information on national and international standards .

Document - An electronic business transaction composed of a collection of segments.  Also known as a Transaction Set.

EDIFACT (EDI for Administration, Commerce, and Transport ) - This term identifies the Standards developed within Working Party 4 (WP4) .  EDIFACT is a widely accepted international standard.

Element - Individual item or "piece" of information within a standard document.  In database terms, it is comparable to a field.  Groups of elements form data segments.

Segment - A predefined set of functionally related data elements.  In database terms, it is comparable to a record.

TDCC - Transportation Data Coordinating Committee .

Trading Partner - Term that refers to companies sending and receiving documents via EDI.  A business (customer, supplier, carrier, bank, etc.) that trades electronic documents.

VAN (Value Added Network) - A third-party service provider;  can be viewed as a data clearinghouse.

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