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Category: Groups and Forums

Description Link
Atlanta Electronic Commerce Forum
Chicago Association of Technology Professionals
New England EC User Group
Northeast Ohio EDI User Group
Northwest EC/EDI Roundtable
Southern California EC Forum
Technology Assn. of Georgia
Twin Cities Electronic Commerce Forum
Virginia e-Commerce Forum
Wisconsin e-Business Forum

Category: Industry Related Sites

Industry Subject Link
Chemical EDI/XML
Electronics EDI/XML
Government EDI/Taxes
Health Care EDI/HIPAA
Health Care EDI/HIPAA
Health Care EDI/HIPAA
Health Care EDI/HIPAA
Motor Freight EDI/SCAC
Rail EDI

Category: Services

Service Technology Link
Outsourced EDI Web Based


Category: Software Products/Solutions

Platforms Subject Link
AIX, Linux, Solaris, NT, 98, HP-UX 11, HP-UX 10.2, AS/400 XML for C++
AS/400 XML for RPG

Category: Standards Organizations

Description Link
Accredited Standards Committee (X12)
CIDX - Chemical Industry Data Exchange
DISA - Data Interchange Standards Association
EIDX - Electronics Industry Data Exchange Association
OASIS - Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
Rosetta Net
United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business

Category: Training and Support

Description Link
EDI Center, providing EDI training, staffing and support for the retail industry

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